“The Top Ten Paleo Super Foods!”

paleosuperfoods e1362611517757 The Top Ten Paleo Super Foods!Not all foods are created equal..

Certain foods have proven themselves to be superior sources of nutrition.

Whether it’s because they’re packed full of disease fighting antioxidants -

Or because they supply a rich source of brain-boosting, joint-lubricating Omega-3 fats..

Either way, these foods are nature’s “all stars” and should be treated as such – always on the plate. [Continue reading]

What is the Paleo Diet Plan?

paleodietplan e1347928293444 What is the Paleo Diet Plan?So, what exactly is the Paleo diet? Good question..

Thing is, the Paleo diet is somewhat difficult to define in it’s entirety.

Unlike most “diets” that have very defined, and strategically designed nutritional rules to follow..

The Paleo diet stems more from a set of principals that can guide you on your dietary path, rather than providing you with a concise “diet road map”.

Fortunately, the Paleo diet is actually pretty easy to stick with once you get the hang of it. It just takes a basic understanding of the Paleo dieting principles, and before you know it.. it won’t even feel like a diet at all..

After all, we’ve been eating this way for thousands of years.. it should be just like riding a bike! [Continue reading]

The Mob Has Been Selling You Fake Olive Oil For Years.

OliveOilScam The Mob Has Been Selling You Fake Olive Oil For Years.  That’s right.

The Mob has apparently made the transition from money laundering to selling all of us canola oil disguised as the far more healthier (and more valuable) option: olive oil.

All these years we’ve purchasing the ” healthy” cooking oil instead of the sludge used at McDonald’s  -   We’ve actually been buying the McDonald’s sludge all along  -  but at double, sometimes triple the price.

I have to admit.. this hurts. I’ve spent significant amounts of money buying olive oils.. We’re big advocates of the health benefits of Omega-3 rich olive oils. Surely all of that delicious olive oil couldn’t have been the same bland stuff that seeps out of those devilishly delicious golden fries?

Well, maybe not all of it – but many estimate at least half of it is.

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Newest Whole Foods To Feature “Paleo Bar”

WholeFoodsPaleoBar Newest Whole Foods To Feature Paleo BarWe’ve talked before about how Primal eating isn’t just another fad diet..

Looks like Whole Foods agrees.

Just last week, the health food supermarket giant announced on it’s blog that it’s newest Whole Foods store would indeed feature a “Paleo bar”..

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Hopefully, “Paleo Bar” will be a term as commonly used as “salad bar” but that may be slightly overly optimistic.

This is great news for a few different reasons. If you’re lucky enough to live nearby this San Francisco based Whole Foods store… then the benefits are obvious. But what about the rest of us?

Why do we care? [Continue reading]

To Fast, Or Not To Fast?

Fastingimage 1 To Fast, Or Not To Fast?Even the some of the strictest Paleo practitioners choose not to incorporate fasting into their nutritional strategies..

But with intermittent fasting as an option, is this a mistake?

Calorie restriction has gained traction as of late – In the pursuit of the ever elusive fountain of youth.. Anti-aging groups report that calorie restriction extends life span.. and while they do make a solid case for calorie restriction, and have scientific proof to back up these claims..

We think that is simply taking things to the extreme… and as always, there’s a smarter way.

A growing segment of people are starting to learn of the benefits of intermittent fasting..

Particularly, the health benefits associated with being in a fasted state.. Things like improved hormone production, longevity, and mental clarity.

Below we’ll discuss not only the potential health benefits of fasting, but also evolutionary evidence that suggests that the practice fasting may indeed be interwoven into our biology in unavoidable ways.

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Meet Mother Nature’s Perfect Macronutrient Ratio.


If you've ever attempted to stick to a diet that required you to count each and every calorie consumed.. Then you may well know that it isn't the easiest thing to do. Fortunately... There is a better way. Unfortunately, this "better way" seems … [Continue reading]

The Truth About Diet Soda and Your Health.


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Seeing This “Digital” Paleo Cookbook Everywhere.. Is It Worth it?


Often in the search for new and interesting foods to piece into our Paleo diets, it becomes difficult to find recipes the work worth said foods. Trust when I tell you that there are no shortage of cook books lining the shelves of the offices up … [Continue reading]

Paleo Trim? Watch Out: Here Come the “Paleo Marketers!”


I suppose it was just a matter of time until the marketers caught up with the trend.. "Paleo Trim" is a new diet pill aimed squarely at Paleo dieters. Although, it may be more appropriate to say it's aimed squarely at those who are new to the … [Continue reading]