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Carbs Are Bad M'kay?As time goes on, science produces more and more evidence supporting the foundational principles of the Paleo diet: eat less carbs, and eat more fat.

Sounds oh so simple – but as we all likely know, isn’t quite so east to accomplish..

But as it becomes increasingly evident the type of damage we may be doing to ourselves by indulging in these high-carb lifestyles, it’s important that we consider all relevant and recent information that will help us all understand the situation a bit better.  [Continue reading]

Bulletproof Coffee: The Breakfast of Champions?

bulletproof coffee

It seems one of the biggest hurdles people have with adapting to a primal diet and lifestyle is, in one word – FAT.

The problem is twofold:

1. A long reinforced mental block on eating fats in order to get healthy and lean. I mean.. really.. eat fat, to lose fat? A literal conundrum.

2. An actual physical, dietary, hurdle. In that it can sometimes be difficult to get enough fats in your diet. (Especially considering the optimal diet is at least 50% healthy dietary fats)

Keeping these two points in mind –  It’s safe to say that getting the proper amount of healthy fats in the proper amounts is an all too common fail point for lots of people! [Continue reading]

Dr. Oz Exposed… Where Is All This Common Sense Coming From?


Over two years ago.. The second  post ever published on this blog was titled “The Fable of Dr. Oz and the Magical Raspberry Ketones“.

The post was born out of sheer frustration.

Over the course of about a year, while working with many personal training clients, it seemed that just about anyone looking to make some changes to their health and physique – almost always wanted to ask about the latest magical pill recommended by Dr. Oz.

Not only was this a complete waste of money and mental energy… It caused so many people to focus on entirely the wrong things, and reinforced some very bad habit patterns along the way.

The last thing we need are more miracle pills, but it seemed just about everyone (even the media that is now criticizing him) were touting the good doc’s latest and greatest. [Continue reading]

5 Foods You Should Eat To Maintain Optimum Hormone Levels.

Colored male and female sign vector

If there’s one thing that seems to get overlooked more than anything else when it comes to physical health – it’s hormones.

Don’t believe it?

Okay, we don’t have empirical evidence, but start asking people that you’re close with about their hormone levels.

Ask them if they know if their testosterone and/or estrogen levels are high or low. Ask them if their doctor has ever checked it, or even brought it up in conversation.

I think you’ll start to notice a few things rather quickly. [Continue reading]

Paleo Friendly Protein Bars Are Making It Easier To Eat Healthy On The Go.

WarriorBarIf you’ve ever been tempted to grab a protein bar to hod you over til your next meal..

You’ll love what Onnit Nutrition Warrior bar.

I say “tempted” because up until recently.. Depending on a pre-made “protein” bar was a mostly bad idea.

While different companies offer differing levels of quality.. It mostly doesn’t matter, since most all protein bars are nothing more than well marketed candy bars with some barely digestible crude protein thrown in as an after thought.

“Just get the Snickers and the beef jerky. Might as well.” [Continue reading]

The Mob Has Been Selling You Fake Olive Oil For Years.


That's right. The Mob has apparently made the transition from money laundering to selling all of us canola oil disguised as the far more healthier (and more valuable) option: olive oil. All these years we've purchasing the " healthy" cooking … [Continue reading]

Newest Whole Foods To Feature “Paleo Bar”


We've talked before about how Primal eating isn't just another fad diet.. Looks like Whole Foods agrees. Just last week, the health food supermarket giant announced on it's blog that it's newest Whole Foods store would indeed feature a "Paleo … [Continue reading]