What?!?.. You clicked on that dumb ad?

Yeah.. That’s our ad.

We bought that ad placement on Facebook because, as a health and fitness diet blog..

We sometimes run ads on Facebook and always see these “Miracle Diet” Ads and couldn’t help but wonder who clicks on these ads?

And Why?

I’m willing to bet that you’re a smart, intelligent, and witty individual.. I’m also willing to bet that you – deep down – don’t believe in “miracle” diets.

We won’t get into psychological advertising talk.. but just know, that you’re not alone. That’s why marketers run these ads that promise so much but never deliver.

Because they work. Even on smart people just like yourself.

Just as you know.. and I know.. and just how the people and companies that run those ads know..

There are no short cuts.

There are no miracle diet secrets.. or some mystical fruit from the rain forest that “Natives have been using as a natural fat burner for centuries!”

There is only food. Good and Bad. Period.

For your own sake – stop wasting time, and health focusing on anything else but your diet.

Just 3 months.


That’s all it takes to see dramatic differences in the way you feel and look. That’s all it takes to begin the healing process.

3 months. That’s nothing… Look.. I don’t know who you are but I care about you and your health.

I promise you that you can’t even imagine how great you will feel if you make healthy nutrition your absolute priority for 3 short months.

No promises of easy miracles here..

It will be a hard 3 months.

Still.. it’s a small price to pay to take your life and health back into your own hands.

Especially considering that you’ve probably been indulging for decades.

No finger pointing here.. We all slip. We all do.

All that matters is who gets up.

That is all.

This ad was purchased solely to tell you that.. Nothing to sell.

Good luck, friend.