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Here at paleoIQ we are all about practical, actionable information. We started off as a Paleo diet focused blog but through the years have transitioned into a more neutral  health and fitness source of information.

Not that we don’t believe the Paleo diet is a great diet because it absolutely is. The problem lies in the fact that diets in general are flawed due to their fairly rigid structure. We are constantly learning more about the human biology through science and collective data gathering via the internet.. it just doesn’t make sense to not keep an always open mind, and adjust your viewpoints when necessary.

That’s why we espouse the Paleo principals moreso than a specific diet. You have to start  growing your knowledge base somewhere and the principals of eating more inline with how our ancestors ate before commercial farming and genetically modified foods had been introduced to our culture yet.

That said, it’s damn near impossible to completely avoid any new dietary changes that have come with the massive amount of progress that we’ve witnessed over the last century. It’s just not practical to be a dietary purist.

Fortunately, it isn’t necessary.

You can culture a healthy lifestyle though your choices in nutrition and other environmental factors without going top any kind of extremes. That’s not to say that there won’t be sacrifices because there most certainly will be. There is a middle ground.. Let’s find it.


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