Seven Must Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites

PaleoDietBlogs 298x300 Seven Must Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and WebsitesIf your just getting your feet wet with the Paleo diet..

Then you’ve got a lot of reading to do, as I’m sure you’re starting to figure out.

So.. to help you along on this educational path of evolutionary eating, has put together a list of 7 must-follow Paleo diet blogs and websites. 

These sites are treasure troves of information pertaining to health, nutrition, recipes, basic life advice, and just about anything else that you’re bound to run into on your Paleo journey.

There’s bound to be a few sites in here that you’ll find useful, and will improve your life in one way or another..

Even if just by a little..

So, in no particular order, here we go –

This is the website of Dr. Loren Cordain, author of the best selling book “The Paleo Diet”.

Dr. Loren Cordain 1 Seven Must Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites

Dr. Cordain is widely regarded as not only one of the foremost authorities on the Paleo diet, but also as one of the main reasons the Paleo diet is gaining such widespread popularity and acceptance.

His books and writings have introduced thousands of people to the ideas and principles of eating in a way that agrees with our genetic and evolutionary dispositions.

Most would agree, that every self respecting Paleo dieter should be at least somewhat familiar with the work of Dr. Cordain. is where you can do that.

Author of the best selling book, “The Paleo Solution”, Robb Wolf has a Paleo diet blog that’s definitely worth checking out.

RobbWolf 1 300x94 Seven Must Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites

Lots of well thought out write-ups on the Paleo diet, mixed with the random, quirky, and entertaining story now and again, makes a great source of Paleo diet info.

One of the standout’s here is Rob’s weekly podcast. Always entertaining and packed with tons of useful health and diet information. Be sure to check it out.

Here’s one that you definitely don’t want to miss out on – Mark Sisson’s blog

Mark s Daily Apple 1 300x132 Seven Must Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites

Not only a great source of information, but also a great source of inspiration. Mark is living proof of what a healthy lifestyle, complemented by “common-sense” eating habits, can really accomplish.

We all know how important diet and nutrition is to our health and well being, but to see it embodied can really drive the point home. It’s a great motivator and example.

From the staunch opposition to pharmaceutical dependency that’s become so prevalent, to the practical dieting tips, and Paleo recipes – is definitely a must-follow Paleo diet blog.

Oozing with playful character, Michelle Tam’s Paleo diet blog NomNomPaleo is loaded with awesome recipes and other great “kitchen hacks”..

Nom Nom Paleo 1 300x240 Seven Must Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites

Documenting Michelle’s journey to better living through healthy food choices, all while juggling a new-born and a full-time job,  We can all relate to trying to “make it all work”.. juggling seemingly thousands of things while trying to stay on track with your diet. Michelle’s blog post’s are a great reminder that you just gotta make it work.

Combine that with lots of great ( and practical ) Paleo diet recipes with lots of pictures to go along with them, and it’s easy to see why is worth checking out.

If you’re looking for Paleo diet recipes, should be on your radar.

PaleOMG – Paleo Recipes 1 Seven Must Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites

All about bringing you delicious, easy to follow Paleo diet recipes, does one thing and they do it well. With big and detailed pictures accompanying every recipe, you can’t help but get sucked in to all the savory goodness on the site.

Be sure to check out the desserts category of recipes.. Some awesome recipes that will make you completely forget that you’re on a “diet”!

Lots of informative blog posts covering the basics of the Paleo dieting principles..

Paleo Diet Lifestyle 1 Seven Must Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites has just about everything you need to get you started on the right Paleo foot. From blog posts explaining the benefits of Omega-3 fats, to breaking down the best nutritional strategies for warding off cellular aging – brings you all the info you need, in an easy to read manner.

You definitely want to check out this one.

Here’s the “jackpot” of informative nutritional articles and write-ups..

WestonAPrice 1 Seven Must Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites

Weston A. Price was a dentist that studied the health of tribal populations, and through his documentation along the way, laid the groundwork for what would one day become, the official website of the Weston A. Price Foundation.

The site hosts an enormous amount of some of the best, nutritional articles on the web. This is one blog that you’ll find yourself coming back to again and again.

Now it’s your turn..

Did we miss any? Are there any Paleo diet, or any other nutrition focused  blogs or websites out there that you think are worthy of being recognized? Well, lets hear ‘em – Share in the comments below..



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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips, I looked at the other websites and they’re just as good as yours!

  2. Brittney says:

    I love, I bookmarked it on my iPhone :)

  3. I most deff be checking out these 7 websites. I think they’re worth looking at since you guys blogged about them!

  4. Loooooove PaleOMG! Juli is amazing and her recipes are delicious.

  5. My list:
    1. Archevore – Yeah, Doc Harris has gone dark and never posts anymore, but everything is gold. The writing is superb – I find myself rereading posts just to bask in the terrific prose and clear logic.
    2. PaleoHacks – You have to sift through the trolls, noobs and fanatics, but there is a buttload of great info from people who really care.
    3. Evolutionary Psychiatry by Dr. Emily Deans – Humble, thought provoking, deep science on brain chemistry and how food affects our mood. Plus she links to other good blogs.
    4. Mark’s Daily Apple – His articles are well researched and he is always willing to change position based on the science. (Unlike Cordain)
    5. Perect Health Diet by the Drs. Jaminet – Science based approach to the paleo diet. Founders of the “Safe Starch” idea.
    6. Hunt, Gather, Love by Melissa McEwen – Food Anthropology – always deeply researched.

  6. I’d definitely put on this list. He has a very open, critical, investigative approach, and is widely respected by the whole community. Even Robb Wolf called him “the most knowledgeable clinician in the paleo world!”

    Also, I don’t think Loren Cordain is regarded as an authority anymore by the paleo community, albeit perhaps by mainstream media. He certainly had a large impact on the popularity of the ancestral health movement, especially with the word Paleo, but his ideas are woefully outdated. Not to mention that he’s pretty contradictory with the rest of the websites on this list. Here’s a poignant thread addressing this

    May I suggest editing the list for the sake of paleo newbies.

    1. (after Robb’s quote, it’s hard not to put him as #1)
    2 (this is hands down the most trafficked, and among the most respected paleo websites)
    3. (this is easily the second most trafficked paleo site, a vast well of knowledge, and a central meeting point for the whole community, along with the MDA forum)
    4. (Robb has been a lot less active in the blogging world for a while, but is still a top authority)
    5. (I agree with what you said above, and keeping it last makes sense I suppose)
    (these next three are great sites, but in my opinion they belong on a much larger list with many other excellent paleo blogs of the same caliber.)

    • Shane Dark says:

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment..

      I am familiar with the idea that Dr. Cordain has become somewhat dated and not quite as relevant as he once was when he was basically one of the only people espousing a Paleolithic inspired diet.. but still.. You gotta pay homage to the originals, right?

      Anyone just getting into the Paleo diet should benefit from having at least a basic understanding of the origins of the diet, how it evolved, and why.. It isn’t only important to understand the foods found in “diets”, it’s also important to understand the big picture.. such as the progression of different “fad” diets over the years.. understand what has failed and what has worked…. what was learned, what was forgotten even..

      As for the site you so heartily recommend.. I notice that your sig links back to that site.. Would you happen to be Chris Kresser, or associated with him?

      Again, thanks for the comment.

  7. Hi there,
    I’m a paleo nutritionist, author and farmer blogging over at
    I agree with many of your suggestions, and would add Chris Kresser’s site for sure. I would also DELETE Weston A Price. Sally Fallon is incredibly threatened by paleo, and has come out strongly against it, even though she is a supporter of the GAPS diet, which also eliminates grains. She makes no logic and attacks people personally, even when they are supporters of her non-profit, the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, which I love. I have to say, she has no room for paleo and completely out of line in her comments about it. She is going on outdated information presented in early incarnations of the diet and completely misinterprets the diet. I do not suggest that anyone looking to learn more about paleo visit or support this organization as long as she is the president.

    • Shane Dark says:

      Hey Diana..

      Nice to meet you.. I’ve landed on your website before.. always cool to meet and network (and debate ;) with fellow bloggers..

      I’m well aware of the WAPF’s current anti-paleo stance.. and I have to admit that I also find it pretty annoying. That said, when I started this blog I made the determination that it’s focus was to be purely food and health. No politics. I know.. I know.. The two worlds are so intimately inter-weaved it’s difficult (impossible) to be passionate about nutrition and it’s potential for positive change – without being emotionally involved in the current political state of affairs on MANY different levels. For instance, I’m currently writing an article about the effects of pharmaceuticals on metabolism (weight loss/gain) and trust me.. The urge to run off on some very long, very angry political rant is strong.. But I will leave the politics to those who choose to write about such things. Truly hope you can respect that.

      That’s not to say that I don’t sympathize or agree with many viewpoints that are brought up.. Quite the opposite. The whole point of blogging is to engage people’s concerns and do your best to maybe, hopefully, provide a bit of insight for someone in search of an answer to some type of problem.. It’s just that I choose to keep paleoIQ focused strictly on food and health insights. The WAPF website is still a great resource for such topics. I’ve personally learned quite a bit from digging through all those articles, and therefore feel an obligation to share such a resource with my readers… whose trust I value greatly.

      I hope any who read this and perhaps agree with some of the negative sentiment towards WAPF can respect the decision to leave it on the list, strictly for it’s informational value. Lots of progress has been made either directly or indirectly due to WAPF.

      Now.. I will consider adding Chris Kresser’s site to the list.. Maybe as a “reader’s request bonus addition” or something silly like that, lol. I can’t change the number in the article title from 7.. as a blogger, I’m sure you understand. But you’re the second person to ask the site to be added so I’ll certainly check it out.

      Again, thanks for stopping by! I’ll be sure to do the same.

      • I’m not saying that WAPF has no value in the real food movement. I’m just pointing out that they are definitely NOT paleo. If the title of your post was “Real Food Websites to Follow” then maybe you wouldn’t have as many hits, or whatever, but if you’re going to list 7 top paleo sites, then they should be paleo sites.

        • Shane Dark says:

          I suppose I can see your point.

          That said, WAPF has been a valuable informational resource, for me personally, as I’ve attempted to come to a broader understanding of nutrition, health, and more specifically the Paleo diet. It only seems logical for me to share such a resource with my readers who are also apparently interested in learning about the same topics.

          I view this blog as being much like the Paleo diet itself, in that it’s all about packaging valuable information into digestible, understandable principles. So, if you’re accusing me of marketing my content in order to share it with the most amount of people that I possibly can, then I will have to plead guilty as charged.

          That in no way changes the fact that WAPF is a hugely valuable resource for anyone interested in learning about the Paleo diet and nutrition, in general. Which is my primary concern.

          In summary, I suppose that you are technically correct in that WAPF is not a “Must Follow Paleo Diet Blog or Website”.. I just don’t see why it matters, or why you care. There is no malice or ill intent here.

          Thanks for the comments, and good luck on your own blog.

  8. Please let’s mention by Melissa Joulwan.
    Be sure to buy ‘Well Fed’ and Well Fed2″ cookbooks along with NomNomPaleo iPad app.

    Great place for home cooking to start…..flavor, flavor and MORE flavor!

    No money received for any endorsements :)

  9. Jeanmarie says:

    Great list, but, the WAPF is a bit of a surprise. Not because it’s not chock full of great information — because it certainly is — but because they would be shocked and appalled to be lumped in with the Paleo movement, even though many, many people who made their way to Paleo got started on their Real Food journey with the help of WAP. But, the foundation’s leaders have exhibited quite a bit of hostility towards Paleo, sad to say, and one reason I let my membership lapse. But they still have a great website with thousands of free articles that are informative and helpful.

    • Shane Dark says:

      Hey Jean Marie.. Thanks for commenting!

      As for WAPF.. You certainly aren’t the first person to bring up this point, and I’ll address it a bit more in-depth in my reply to Diana Rodger’s comment above..

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