Range of Apps Aim to Make Dieting Easier

7_nom-nom-paleoAs many people who’ve attempted to go on the Paleo diet will tell you, the experience can get stressful and frustrating fast.

This is the case for all specialized diets, as the biggest hurdle one needs to overcome in order to be successful here is changing established eating habits and foregoing food you’ve already grown accustomed to eating in favor of food that fits in with your diet.

The most valuable tool to help you succeed in the Paleo diet is knowledge, and with this in mind, various organizations have attempted to bring knowledge to dieters through the most convenient platforms available to them. [Read more…]

Bulletproof Coffee: The Breakfast of Champions?

bulletproof coffee

It seems one of the biggest hurdles people have with adapting to a primal diet and lifestyle is, in one word – FAT.

The problem is twofold:

1. A long reinforced mental block on eating fats in order to get healthy and lean. I mean.. really.. eat fat, to lose fat? A literal conundrum.

2. An actual physical, dietary, hurdle. In that it can sometimes be difficult to get enough fats in your diet. (Especially considering the optimal diet is at least 50% healthy dietary fats)

Keeping these two points in mind –  It’s safe to say that getting the proper amount of healthy fats in the proper amounts is an all too common fail point for lots of people! [Read more…]

Dr. Oz Exposed… Where Is All This Common Sense Coming From?


Over two years ago.. The second  post ever published on this blog was titled “The Fable of Dr. Oz and the Magical Raspberry Ketones“.

The post was born out of sheer frustration.

Over the course of about a year, while working with many personal training clients, it seemed that just about anyone looking to make some changes to their health and physique – almost always wanted to ask about the latest magical pill recommended by Dr. Oz.

Not only was this a complete waste of money and mental energy… It caused so many people to focus on entirely the wrong things, and reinforced some very bad habit patterns along the way.

The last thing we need are more miracle pills, but it seemed just about everyone (even the media that is now criticizing him) were touting the good doc’s latest and greatest. [Read more…]

Meet Mother Nature’s Perfect Macronutrient Ratio.

MacronutrientCellStructureIf you’ve ever attempted to stick to a diet that required you to count each and every calorie consumed..

Then you may well know that it isn’t the easiest thing to do. Fortunately… There is a better way.

Unfortunately, this “better way” seems to be basically over-looked anytime the Paleo diet, or nutrition in general, is brought up for discussion.

Knowing how to “piece together” meals in order for them to have optimal macronutrient ratios, is a foundational component to evolutionary nutrition.

As more and more people come around to realizing that the way in which they’ve been eating has set them up for a myriad of potential health related problems down the road, it’s important that they don’t jump out of the frying pan… only to land in another, even hotter, frying pan.

And such is the case for many that have been searching for the diet that will actually provide them with the life-changing results that they want..

When expanding your understanding of food and it’s affects on your health.. Having a solid grasp on macronutrients is absolutely essential in order to see the big picture.. Continued nutritional education is the other critical component of the Paleo movement that sometimes gets over looked.

Below, we’ll not only discuss how to make sure your macronutrient game is right, we’ll also talk a bit about why proper macronutrient ratios are so important.


[Read more…]

How The Paleo Diet Changed One Random Blogger’s Life

Like many of you..

I wake up some days and the last thing I want to do is worry about my food!

So much time is spent learning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and eating that it can sometimes be an absolute burden.. I know you’ve thought that, and trust me, you’re not alone. Of course, we know it’s worth it.. All the effort. The work. We all know anything worth having is worth working for, and if you’re isn’t worth working for.. What is??

But every once in a while.. We simply don’t care. Every once in a while.. We want to quit.

That’s when it’s time to really remind yourself of the reasons why this is important enough for you to stick with it.. [Read more…]

How One Doctor Used Food To Beat MS and Go From Wheelchair to Marathon..

Ted Talk Dr Terry Wahls Today I wanted to share with you, one of the most powerful testaments to the importance of diet and nutrition, that I’ve ever seen..

You’re not going to want to miss this!

I’m a big fan of Ted.com and the “Ted Talks” they post on their website and YouTube channel.

It’s an amazing resource of inspiration, insight, and information..

For the uninitiated, Ted Talks are curated presentations given by scientists, entrepreneurs, and experts on various interesting and thought-provoking subjects.

If you’ve never seen a Ted Talk, [Read more…]

Seven Must Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites

7PaleoDietBlogsIf your just getting your feet wet with the Paleo diet..

Then you’ve got a lot of reading to do, as I’m sure you’re starting to figure out.

So.. to help you along on this educational path of evolutionary eating, paleoIQ.com has put together a list of 7 must-follow Paleo diet blogs and websites. 

These sites are treasure troves of information pertaining to health, nutrition, recipes, basic life advice, and just about anything else that you’re bound to run into on your Paleo journey. [Read more…]