How The Paleo Diet Let’s You Lose Fat Without “Dieting”

fatloss without dietingYeah, yeah, I know.. too good to be true, right?

To lose weight, you have to suffer.. err, I mean “diet”.. right?

If you don’t mind, let me ask you a question..

When you think of the word “diet” does it make you think of hunger?

If  you equate dieting with hunger, you’re not alone. Most people
have been misled into thinking that to lose weight, you must be in a calorie
deficit to do so.

Well, it’s just a bit more nuanced than that.. [Read more…]

How Developing “Keystone Habits” Changes Everything.

habit change dietIt’s an important point to make..

And one that seems to be almost completely ignored.

We’ve been going about this dieting thing all wrong.

Millions will go on a “diet” this year, but few will attempt to use any tested, proven habit change techniques.

Why is that?

We all go through the same tired diet routines that, far too often, lead us right back to where we started.

If you think about it [Read more…]

“Food Ingredients”… Shouldn’t be such a scary thought, should it?

Ever wonder what’s really in the food you eat, and how it affects your health, and the health of the people (and pets!) you love?

I’m not just talking about BigMacs and french fries here… I’m talking about the stuff you think is healthy?

You know, the stuff you buy when you’re trying to lose a few pounds, or around New Years, or before a wedding? Sound familiar?

It sure does to me, and countless others who fall into the same dietary traps over and over again.

You see, the ingredients in the food we eat, not only affect our health, but they also affect fitness goals.

Whether those goals are to lose weight and gain muscle, it’s important the we know more about the food we eat than [Read more…]

The Fable of Dr. Oz and the Magical Raspberry Ketones.


What’s going on in the world when advertisers are considered the best sources of health and medical advice?

One thing’s for sure.. It’s a seriously effective model.

Lately, it seems that everybody is buying up Dr. Oz diet products like they’re “going out of style”.

If you haven’t noticed, then it must have been one seriously large rock that you were living under. [Read more…]