Vitamin Supplements Made Simple, Effective, and Affordable…

Animated vitamins pictureMost likely, you’re all too familiar with the process of blindly spending $100 at your local nutritional and supplement store, and a month or two later.. seeing or feeling absolutely no difference at all.

If you’ve somehow escaped this highly marketed trap that Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars on every year… congratulations. Perhaps you can be convinced to step into the all too confusing world nutritional supplements now.

Between the clever marketing slogans, the pushy salespeople, and the five syllable medical jargon.. supplementation definitely gets confusing.

Hopefully, this list will make things a bit easier!.. But first, there are a couple of points that need to made.. [Read more…]

Bulletproof Coffee: The Breakfast of Champions?

bulletproof coffee

It seems one of the biggest hurdles people have with adapting to a primal diet and lifestyle is, in one word – FAT.

The problem is twofold:

1. A long reinforced mental block on eating fats in order to get healthy and lean. I mean.. really.. eat fat, to lose fat? A literal conundrum.

2. An actual physical, dietary, hurdle. In that it can sometimes be difficult to get enough fats in your diet. (Especially considering the optimal diet is at least 50% healthy dietary fats)

Keeping these two points in mind –  It’s safe to say that getting the proper amount of healthy fats in the proper amounts is an all too common fail point for lots of people! [Read more…]

5 Foods You Should Eat To Maintain Optimum Hormone Levels.

Colored male and female sign vector

If there’s one thing that seems to get overlooked more than anything else when it comes to physical health – it’s hormones.

Don’t believe it?

Okay, we don’t have empirical evidence, but start asking people that you’re close with about their hormone levels.

Ask them if they know if their testosterone and/or estrogen levels are high or low. Ask them if their doctor has ever checked it, or even brought it up in conversation.

I think you’ll start to notice a few things rather quickly. [Read more…]

Paleo Friendly Protein Bars Are Making It Easier To Eat Healthy On The Go.

WarriorBarIf you’ve ever been tempted to grab a protein bar to hod you over til your next meal..

You’ll love what Onnit Nutrition Warrior bar.

I say “tempted” because up until recently.. Depending on a pre-made “protein” bar was a mostly bad idea.

While different companies offer differing levels of quality.. It mostly doesn’t matter, since most all protein bars are nothing more than well marketed candy bars with some barely digestible crude protein thrown in as an after thought.

“Just get the Snickers and the beef jerky. Might as well.” [Read more…]

The Mob Has Been Selling You Fake Olive Oil For Years.

OliveOilScamThat’s right.

The Mob has apparently made the transition from money laundering to selling all of us canola oil disguised as the far more healthier (and more valuable) option: olive oil.

All these years we’ve purchasing the ” healthy” cooking oil instead of the sludge used at McDonald’s  –   We’ve actually been buying the McDonald’s sludge all along  –  but at double, sometimes triple the price.

I have to admit.. this hurts. I’ve spent significant amounts of money buying olive oils.. We’re big advocates of the health benefits of Omega-3 rich olive oils. Surely all of that delicious olive oil couldn’t have been the same bland stuff that seeps out of those devilishly delicious golden fries?

Well, maybe not all of it – but many estimate at least half of it is.

[Read more…]

Seeing This “Digital” Paleo Cookbook Everywhere.. Is It Worth it?

Paleo-Diet-CookbookOften in the search for new and interesting foods to piece into our Paleo diets, it becomes difficult to find recipes the work worth said foods.

Trust when I tell you that there are no shortage of cook books lining the shelves of the offices up here… So it’s not that we don’t have the resources we need.. We do.. there just never around when I need them.

That’s when I decided that it may just be worth it have a portable digital version of a Paleo diet cookbook / recipe book. Maybe then I would actually use it to say.. I don’t know.. cook a variety of recipes. Rather than it sitting there collecting dust on the shelf like all of the others.

One I had been considering was the one titled simply: “Paleo Recipe Book” and is brought to you by PaleoDietLifestyle – Who was featured on our list of “7 Must-Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites” a bit back.

Being a little skeptical of [Read more…]

Paleo Trim? Watch Out: Here Come the “Paleo Marketers!”

paleotrimI suppose it was just a matter of time until the marketers caught up with the trend..

“Paleo Trim” is a new diet pill aimed squarely at Paleo dieters. Although, it may be more appropriate to say it’s aimed squarely at those who are new to the Paleo lifestyle,  and maybe aren’t quite certain what it’s all about yet.. There’s more of those people than ever.

In other words, it’s marketed to those that may not yet realize that diet pills are the last thing any true Paleo dieter would need.

After all – I’m fairly certain cavemen didn’t rely on diet pills to maintain their “girlish” figures.. Unless maybe.. they discovered the Coca plant? [Read more…]