The Fable of Dr. Oz and the Magical Raspberry Ketones.


What’s going on in the world when advertisers are considered the best sources of health and medical advice?

One thing’s for sure.. It’s a seriously effective model.

Lately, it seems that everybody is buying up Dr. Oz diet products like they’re “going out of style”.

If you haven’t noticed, then it must have been one seriously large rock that you were living under.

Why you shouldn’t buy the hype of the latest diet pill, and how to “really” reach your fat loss goals.

It seems that just about every potential client that I encounter, asks me about one Dr. Oz product or another. Actually, they aren’t “Dr. Oz” products, just products that he endorses.

For starters, here’s the technical definition of endorse.

In case you didn’t click the link.. allow me to quote a small excerpt of the definition.

lebron nike endorsement

5. endorsement – the act of endorsing; “a star athlete can make a lot of money from endorsements”

Dr. Oz certainly has become a star, and rest assured that he makes a pretty penny from his diet product endorsements.

Seems fitting, no? If you have another definition of the word, that you think fits what Dr. Oz does better, be sure to share that in the comments section below.

Either way, I think most can agree that what Dr. Oz does, is in fact, an endorsement..

Why does it matter?

Dr. Oz acts on the premise of helping people being his number one concern, but by the very definition of the word endorsement, that simply isn’t the case.

In fact, it can’t be.

No more can your Politician vote in your favor while being funded by a corporation, can Dr. Oz give you honest advice meant to help you while endorsing diet products.

I know we’re skating on the edges of political discussion, but I think it makes sense to make the comparison to other individuals that also operate under the pretense of helping people while receiving endorsements.. er, I mean “donations”.

OK, let’s get back on track here.. and I’ll interpret the definition, and apply it to Dr. Oz, directly:

dr oz raspberry ketone

5. endorsement – Dr. Oz gets paid to say the things he says.

Might as well ask Lebron James for dietary advice.

It wouldn’t be too far off from the “advice” that Dr. Oz would give you.  In fact, I’m sure that Lebron would have his very own magical Nike potion of his own to sell you.

That’s just the nature of endorsements.

This may seem obvious to many, maybe even most, but I think you’d be surprised at how many people are simply unaware of this little tidbit of information.

Who can blame them? People trust doctors, AND those in the public eye… and Dr. Oz is both… and certainly doesn’t go out of his way to communicate that the advice he provides, just might be influenced by the advertising budget of the miracle product of the week.

Now, don’t get me wrong here.. there’s nothing wrong with getting paid to promote a product. I mean, that is capitalism, right?

But this isn’t a political site, and we’re only seeking the nutritional truth, so I’ll just say that this not an attack on Dr.Oz. Nor is it an attack on any system, official or not, that allows such advertising tactics. (Hey, I love advertising and marketing)

It’s an attack on nutritional ignorance. Nothing more.

In that attack on nutritional ignorance, we have to identify the problem with getting your health and weight loss advice from someone that has a very large financial reason to give out that advice in the first place.

The Magical Raspberry Ketones

If you’ve never heard of Dr. Oz, surely you’ve seem the adds for the “magical” Raspberry Ketones? We won’t spend too much time on this topic, but I thought that, at the very least, we needed a specific example of one of Dr. Oz’s many product endorsements..

What better example could there be, other than what Dr. Oz refers to as:

“The #1 miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.”

That’s a pretty bold statement for a respected doctor to stand behind, right? There must be some seriously kick ass ketones in those raspberries!

Possibly Dr. Oz genuinely believes in the miracle properties of this weeks diet pill? I suppose that’s a possibility, as PaleoIQ would never assume to put words in anyone’s mouth.. but i’d like to think that as a doctor he researches the products before endorsing them. That’s the least you could expect from a medical professional, right?

In his research of Raspberry Ketones, I wonder if he checked the Wikipedia page?.. Here’s a small snippet from the page:

Although products containing this compound (Raspberry Ketones) are marketed for weight loss, there is no clinical evidence for this effect in humans.

Hmm. Well, that seems like a fairly important quality for a miracle diet pill to possess. Right? All it took was 5 seconds on Google to see that I may have been misled in my belief that Raspberry Ketones could be the “#1 Miracle Fat Burner” solution that I’ve been looking for. Yet, Raspberry Ketones, with the help of Dr. OZ, has sold millions of dollars worth of diet pills, and caused millions of people to fail at achieving real results, yet again.

Like I said above.. this article isn’t about Dr. Oz, it’s about dietary ignorance, and the cycle of failure as it pertains to dieting. More about that in a bit. The information needed to understand that those Raspberry Ketones probably weren’t going to help you reach your diet goals, was at the fingertips of just about everyone.

So, it’s kinda hard to blame Dr. Oz, right?

The moral responsibility of being a doctor?

Just a few quick words on this..

While, I do agree that being a doctor that has taken the  Hippocratic Oath, should possibly be restricted from taking endorsements that require him to give advice that leverages his status as a doctor..

That’s not what PaleoIQ is about. We choose to focus on what you can change. The things under your control, that will give you the most benefits in your day to day life.

Besides, the lack of nutritional IQ that leads people to be misled into spending hundreds of dollars on the latest diet pill,  is the real problem here. It’s not the hundreds of dollars that should concern you.. It’s the failure. Failure can be a long term set back if you allow it to, and in the big picture.. those failures turn into billions of dollars for all of us.

A cycle of failed diet “fads”

A cycle of failed dieting is easy to fall into, simply because you are unaware of what it takes to succeed in the first place.

When people are misled into believing that a pill bottle can give them the results they were looking for, without the focus on diet and exercise (mainly diet), they end up failing over and over again, with each new miracle pill that comes out.

The end result is a chart that looks like this:

Obesity Growth Rate in U.S.

rise in obesity chart

Now, am I saying that  Dr. Oz is to blame for the obesity epidemic in America? Of course not, but as doctor, it doesn’t seem as if he’s helping all too much. Millions of people watch and trust Dr. Oz, and he certainly has a position that would allow him to help if he really wanted to.

In the end though, we can only blame ourselves for relying on others for information relating to one of the most important determining factors in our lives: Diet. That has to change. The more time spent on looking to the latest fad products and diets, for an answer to the obesity epidemic, the more time lost.. and the higher that chart will climb.

What can we do about it?

As a sort of universal law, things change in increments. It’s almost always a step by step process, when any type of major social change occurs.

One of the first and most important steps on the road to a collective increase in dietary IQ is understanding when you’re being misled by someone with incentive to do so. Once you understand that, it means you have to be very picky about where you take nutritional advice, because almost everyone has incentive in some form or another.. (paleoIQ included).

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t take the advice of an expert, just that you shouldn’t accept what anyone says as fact, as so many Dr. Oz fans do.

Dear Dr. Oz fans.

So, if your a fan of Dr. Oz, hopefully, you’re not too offended at this point, and hopefully you won’t mind being asked why? Why are you a Dr. Oz supporter? Have you had some success with his product suggestions? Do you think this article is off base in regards to Dr. Oz? We’d love to hear from you, in the name of fair, unbiased coverage. So.. be sure to share your thoughts below in the comments section.

Regardless of your opinion of Dr. Oz and his product endorsement, or your opinion of the Paleo diet, I think it’s become obvious to most of us, that we have a serious problem on our hands here The rise of obesity in America, and all of the chronic diseases that come with it, are wreaking havoc on us economically and medically. It’s safe to say that reversing the trend on the obesity chart above, will be no small task. I think it’s also safe to say that it simply must be reversed.

The only solution is take matters into your own hands, and make your own food choices, and that’s what this site is all about. Promoting a collective increase in dietary IQ.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a Paleo Diet fan or not. Or if you’re a Dr. Oz lover or hater.. The only thing that matters, is that you recognize that no one but you, is responsible for the foods you choose to eat, and the health you have as a direct result of it.

But first, you’ll need information.. that’s why paleoIQ is here.

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  1. I am in my mid-40’s and losing weight is very difficult for me and MY body structure,so when you see someone like dr.oz endorsing a diet pill to help you lose weight you would like to believe…But since this clown has been endorsing every and anything week after week it tells me only 1 thing. BULLSHITTER. He is getting people to buy into his ridiculous demonstrations on how these pills work, I mean he takes 2 balloons and dips them into LIQUID NITROGEN I repeat LIQUID NITOGEN to simulate what these pills will do for you inside your body.I mean do we have liquid nitrogen inside us? I mean, come on, liquid nitrogen? I was a believer in what he has shown on his show, until he went completely out of control endorsing miracle product after miracle product week after week. Let’s stop the DR. Oz insanity and stop making him rich off of our hard earned money and just start excercising and eating healthy period.

    • Shane Dark says:

      Hey JC, Thanks for commenting.

      I completely hear where you’re coming from in regards to losing weight being difficult for you, especially being in your mid-forties.

      If you haven’t yet.. having a complete hormone profile done is a good starting point. Having optimal hormone levels is a huge help in getting “leaner”, and many people are unknowingly deficient.

  2. Bridgette says:

    This is encouraging (though what he says on his TV show is still something to be dealt with).

    I like what he says, “How do you know which ads are fake? They are ALL fake!” :)

    P.S. Not a Dr. Oz fan. I don’t watch TV or get my nutritional data from a prime time show, I get it from an educated nutritional expert!

    • Shane Dark says:

      Thanks for the comment, Bridgette..

      And yes, marketing can be a very tricky thing. Advertisers are very convincing when touting the amazing benefits of their latest products.

      That’s why it’s so important to self educate on the topics of health, nutrition, and fitness.. I think more and more people are starting to realize that all the time!

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