Dr. Oz Exposed… Where Is All This Common Sense Coming From?


Over two years ago.. The second ¬†post ever published on this blog was titled “The Fable of Dr. Oz and the Magical Raspberry Ketones“.

The post was born out of sheer frustration.

Over the course of about a year, while working with many personal training clients, it seemed that just about anyone looking to make some changes to their health and physique – almost always wanted to ask about the latest magical pill recommended by Dr. Oz.

Not only was this a complete waste of money and mental energy… It caused so many people to focus on entirely the wrong things, and reinforced some very bad habit patterns along the way.

The last thing we need are more miracle pills, but it seemed just about everyone (even the media that is now criticizing him) were touting the good doc’s latest and greatest.

Cat Is Out of the Bag.

Recently, a Congressional hearing was conducted, in which Dr. Oz was called out for using sensationalist tactics. Combined with his trust inducing title of “Doctor” he convinced millions of Americans to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on products that did absolutely nothing for them, and certainly weren’t anywhere close to magical or miracle solutions to their very real problems.

We’re not talking about people trying to find a cure for razor bumps.. We’re talking about people that were searching for solutions for serious medical conditions such as obesity. Might as well claim you’ve discovered the miracle pill that cures cancer.

Probably the best way to fill you in on the recent happenings with Dr.Oz and how he promotes certain nutritional supplements, is to share this video clip with you. It’s form the show “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”, and covers the issue fairly well, while simultaneously being pretty darn funny.

Might as well be entertained as your being informed:

Good stuff, right?

The Moral High Ground.

Look, let’s be real.. Dr. Oz made staggering amounts of cash for doing these product endorsements, and most people reading this would probably claim that a Mc D’s cheeseburger is the magical solution that helped them cure their cancer, lose 50 pounds, and made them look 10 years younger, if there was a few million dollars on the table.

This isn’t about Dr. Oz and if what he did was right or wrong. This about the information he presented being absolute crap, and obviously so.. yet many believed him, only to be disappointed in the end. Perhaps giving up on self health improvement altogether.

It’s about the fact that there are no short cuts and it really ALL comes down to the food we choose to eat.

The good news is – as more and more people realizing that truth – many of them are turning to the Paleo diet. With multiple celebrity endorsements, and increasing media attention, the importance of eating non-processed junk food is becoming a national conversation.

And that is great news for everyone.

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