Introducing the easy way you can live the Paleo lifestyle (start now!)

Like many of us, you may have realized something important is missing from your “diet”..

A plan.

We can fix that.

I first stumbled upon the Paleo diet about three years ago after I heard that it was the diet officially endorsed by CrossFit.

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After quite a bit of research, I realized that the Paleo diet was exactly what I had been looking for! It addressed all my concerns on aging, inflammation, weight loss, lean muscle mass, and healthy skin.

I agreed with all of the principles followed by Paleo dieters everywhere. These are the same nutrition guidelines I had developed through my own personal studies and experiences as a certified personal trainer for so many years.

So finding the diet that’s right for me wasn’t the problem.. It was the actual dieting part that got me. My problem is likely similar to the problem you face today.. My plan wasn’t good enough.. Or perhaps, my plan wasn’t complete..

Allow me to explain..

First of all, the Paleo diet is exactly like every other diet in one important way.. It’s useless unless you actually stick to it.

Sounds obvious, but what isn’t obvious is what it takes to actually make such major habit changes. People underestimate how difficult it is to change the foods you eat.

Habits reinforce themselves in time… How long have you been eating the way that you eat?

You not only need a plan for food lists, recipes, and a meal plan… you also need tested methods to make permanent dietary habit changes.

OK.. That makes sense. Now what?

The Paleo Diet is fast becoming the “go to” diet for a growing number of athletes, and people of all walks of life that just want to be lean and healthy. Even the medical profession is starting to support the Paleo diet principles.

If you are still “on the fence” about the Paleo diet.. good.

Nothing wrong with that. The food you choose feed you and your family is no small matter. If you’re reading this, then I’ll assume that you are at least considering the Paleo diet, and for good reason..

So what exactly is the Paleo IQ Plan?

It’s a diet plan that focuses on nutrition and food choices, and on efficiently changing dietary habits.

You see.. the problem with many diets is that they were over before they started. By not making 1-2 “keystone” habit changes at a time, the dieter had very little chance of actually sticking to the diet.

Did you know that the human brain handles 2-3 habit changes at a time…. any more than that and it becomes more difficult for the habit to “stick”.

Why do you think people always fail at keeping New Year’s resolutions? They usually have too many resolutions.. too much change at once.. our brains just don’t function that way.

So perhaps next New Year’s consider having just one resolution.. and make it a good one. That’s exactly how the Paleo IQ Plan works. It restructures your habits.. two at a time.

“So how do I start?”

All you have to do is sign up for the Paleo IQ Plan by entering your email in the gray box below and click “Join!”.. You’ll then find a free Paleo Diet food list in e-book format in your email inbox. After that your course will start immediately, and you will make your first of many habit changes.

And before you know it, you’ve developed a new lifestyle, instead of going on a crash diet.. and you’ll have a leaner, fitter body to go along with that lifestyle.


If you haven’t purchased a recipe book and meal planner yet, here’s a really good one that me and many of Paleo IQ’s trusted members use and love. It’s the perfect addition to the Paleo IQ Plan. Just click here to check it out!

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