The 5 Most “Liked” Paleo Diet Recipes on the Web!

fivebestpaleorecipesI think it’s safe to say that sometimes, we all get stuck in a “food rut”! Eating the same ( sometimes bland ) foods day in and day out can really be a downer.

It seems most of tend to gravitate to basically the same foods due a number of reasons, but mostly – out of habit. The same reason we do everything else.

There’s nothing wrong with leveraging the convenience factor when planning out your meals.. And we’ll admit, it’s pretty convenient to just “recycle” all the same recipes that we cooked last week. BUT.. You’re definitely going to want to change it up every once in a while.  Not to mention, it’s also a good idea to obtain your nutrients from a variety of sources.

So.. to help you break out of your “nutritional box” – We’ve put together a list of 5 of the most “liked” Paleo diet recipes and dishes on the web.. These recipes are verified delicious based on thousands of votes ( or likes).

We’ve scoured the web and gathered hundreds of Paleo diet recipes from some of the most popular Paleo websites and blogs. Then, we threw all of them into “top-secret ninja software” that analyzes each recipe by how many Facebook “likes” it has received.

Below – You’ll find the top five results. These five recipes have been unanimously “voted” on and are guaranteed to be verifiably delicious. Sooo.. if you try ’em out, and find them to be disgusting, then I think it’s safe to assume one of two things:

  1. You’re a horrible cook! 
  2. Your taste buds are completely out of whack!


These recipes really are awesomely delicious. So, give the salad and baked chicken a rest, and try out one of the five most “liked” Paleo recipes on the web! Thank us later.

paleomeatloavesBacon Wrapped Mini Meat Loaves

The first recipe is brought to us by and is really more of an appetizer than an entree, but could easily serve as the main course of just about any Paleo meal.

It’s a simple and quick Paleo recipe that’s also a perfect snack food for your late night food cravings. Ground beef wrapped with bacon, seasoned with chives and a few other herbs and spices – with a little coconut oil added for flavor and consistency.. What’s not to like?

Try serving these with  a dab of guacamole on top of each one. Delicious – Check it out here.

enchiladastewEnchilada Chicken Stew

Alright, the next one comes from a great Paleo recipe site called PaleOMG, and is definitely one to try.

Of course, it taste’s great but what’s really great is how easy it is to prepare. We’re all about delicious, easy, and healthy meals here at paleoIQ, and recipe certainly fits the bill. Probably because it takes advantage of one of the best inventions ever – the crock pot.

Nothing better than throwing a bunch of tasty, healthy ingredients into a pot and forgetting all about it until when you come at the end of the day to that aroma that can make you instantly feel better, regardless of your day.

So, if you love Mexican food, stew, and the amazing crock pot.. you’ll love this Paleo recipe.

doubleporkchickenDouble Pork Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Well, this next one is definitely for the meat lover!

Personally, I’m not a big pork fan but this recipe makes me forget that little fact almost completely.  The pork really gives the chicken tons of juicy flavor. You almost wouldn’t even need to season the chicken – that’s how much flavor is infused into the meat by surrounding it by pork cuts.

Not to mention, it’s also a pretty easy recipe to prepare, although not quite as easy as the rest of the recipes in this list. This is one you would definitely want to make as the main entree for dinner, and for that – it’s perfect.

So, hop on over to Mark’s Daily Apple and see what the term “meat lovers” is all about!

paleosalmonrecipeBaked Salmon

As you may know, we’re huge fans of salmon around here, specifically of the wild caught variety.. It’s one of the absolute best sources of Omega-3 fats that you can find on this planet.

Needless to say, anytime we can add a recipe to our repertoire that includes this super fish – we’re all over it.

All Recipes brings us this awesome baked salmon Paleo recipe. Here’s the link.

paleosweetpotatobrowniesSweet Potato Brownies

PaleOMG has the honor of being featured twice on this list with this incredible sweet potato brownie recipe.

So to all of you who still think that the Paleo diet means giving up delicious desserts – You owe it to yourself ( and your taste buds ) to give this Paleo dessert recipe a go!

Just a little tip though.. The recipe says to bake the sweet potato for 25-30 minutes.. Well, depending on the size of the spud in question.. it could take as much as 35-45 minutes to get the sweet potato soft enough for you to even have the smallest hope of being able to mash it up!

Don’t worry, all of that work will pay off.. You can check out the recipe here.

There you have it.. Now Check Out The Cookbook!

Now you can try out one of the five most “liked” Paleo recipes on the web! Odds are that you’re going to “like” them.

Be sure to chime in with a comment below and share which recipe is your favorite. I’m guessing the Sweet Potato Brownies that you can’t stop staring at sinfully?

If you’d like to check out the popular Paleo diet recipe book, here’s the link:

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