5 Foods You Should Eat To Maintain Optimum Hormone Levels.

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If there’s one thing that seems to get overlooked more than anything else when it comes to physical health – it’s hormones.

Don’t believe it?

Okay, we don’t have empirical evidence, but start asking people that you’re close with about their hormone levels.

Ask them if they know if their testosterone and/or estrogen levels are high or low. Ask them if their doctor has ever checked it, or even brought it up in conversation.

I think you’ll start to notice a few things rather quickly. [Read more…]

Meet Mother Nature’s Perfect Macronutrient Ratio.

MacronutrientCellStructureIf you’ve ever attempted to stick to a diet that required you to count each and every calorie consumed..

Then you may well know that it isn’t the easiest thing to do. Fortunately… There is a better way.

Unfortunately, this “better way” seems to be basically over-looked anytime the Paleo diet, or nutrition in general, is brought up for discussion.

Knowing how to “piece together” meals in order for them to have optimal macronutrient ratios, is a foundational component to evolutionary nutrition.

As more and more people come around to realizing that the way in which they’ve been eating has set them up for a myriad of potential health related problems down the road, it’s important that they don’t jump out of the frying pan… only to land in another, even hotter, frying pan.

And such is the case for many that have been searching for the diet that will actually provide them with the life-changing results that they want..

When expanding your understanding of food and it’s affects on your health.. Having a solid grasp on macronutrients is absolutely essential in order to see the big picture.. Continued nutritional education is the other critical component of the Paleo movement that sometimes gets over looked.

Below, we’ll not only discuss how to make sure your macronutrient game is right, we’ll also talk a bit about why proper macronutrient ratios are so important.


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The 5 Most “Liked” Paleo Diet Recipes on the Web!

fivebestpaleorecipesI think it’s safe to say that sometimes, we all get stuck in a “food rut”! Eating the same ( sometimes bland ) foods day in and day out can really be a downer.

It seems most of tend to gravitate to basically the same foods due a number of reasons, but mostly – out of habit. The same reason we do everything else.

There’s nothing wrong with leveraging the convenience factor when planning out your meals.. And we’ll admit, it’s pretty convenient to just “recycle” all the same recipes that we cooked last week. BUT.. You’re definitely going to want to change it up every once in a while.  Not to mention, it’s also a good idea to obtain your nutrients from a variety of sources.

So.. to help you break out of your “nutritional box” – We’ve put together a list of 5 of the most “liked” Paleo diet recipes and dishes on the web.. These recipes are verified delicious based on thousands of votes ( or likes). [Read more…]

Health Benefits and Other Uses of Coconut Oil

coconutoilI’ve been on the Paleo diet for a long time now and I’ve noticed that coconut oil is the main source of calories in my diet. I can’t help it.. I love the stuff.

I find myself wondering if having as one of your main caloric sources is such a great idea…

In a nutshell, I discovered that coconut oil is mostly composed of saturated fat. But what makes it extra special is that it is cholesterol-free, compared to the saturated fats that we get from animal sources. I also learned that people who use it consider it is a “super food.” This alone was enough for me to [Read more…]

3 Flavor-Packed and Nutritious “Paleo Oils”

olive_oil_lgFrom the cardiovascular benefits to the healthier skin, hair, and nails.. Healthy dietary fats are vital to maintaining optimal health through diet.

One of the questions that may arise for you in your Paleo diet journey is: What foods should be eaten in order to eat enough healthy fats?

While there are tons of  foods that provide dietary fats, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out which ones to eat. Mainly because some of our best dietary fats are in foods that many would instinctively classify as “protein food sources”.

Foods like eggs, beef, and salmon are superior sources of both proteins and fats. That can get confusing sometimes when you’re trying to set specific macro nutrient ratios for your meals.

Not to mention, it’s just simply not convenient or cost=effective to rely on the aforementioned foods as your sole source of dietary fats. Now, maybe your primary, but not you sole source.

That’s where dressing and cooking oils come in. They taste awesome, they’re healthy, convenient, affordable, and flexible.

If you learn to incorporate the following 3 oils into your diet on a regular basis, you’ll be better off in a multitude of ways. [Read more…]

10 Tips for The Budget Conscious Paleo Dieter.

Paleo Diet on a BudgetHey, nobody ever said that eating healthy is cheap..

In fact, eating Paleo can get expensive real quick-like!

Due to the prevalence of lesser quality foods in your local super market, all-natural, healthy foods are somewhat of a rarity.

And just as with any other resource, it’s rarity means it’s quite a bit more expensive. For example, it’s common to see grass fed beef go for almost double, or more, what the more common corn fed variety sells for.

Same goes for wild caught salmon when compared to corn fed salmon. ( Those last three words just don’t belong together )

It’s a huge price disparity that puts THE most healthy foods out of reach for many families.

Especially in an economy where [Read more…]

“The Top Ten Paleo Super Foods!”

paleo diet super foodsNot all foods are created equal..

Certain foods have proven themselves to be superior sources of nutrition.

Whether it’s because they’re packed full of disease fighting antioxidants –

Or because they supply a rich source of brain-boosting, joint-lubricating Omega-3 fats..

Either way, these foods are nature’s “all stars” and should be treated as such – always on the plate. [Read more…]