Introducing The World’s Most Bad @$$ KettleBell!

With the rise of sports like CrossFit, and similar “functional strength” training routines.. Many are discovering the simplistic beauty that is the kettlebell. It’s ability to be incorporated into a wider variety of exercise routines, makes it an ideal for training routines that border on being sports in and of themselves.

While it may not seem like it – The shape and positioning of the kettlebell’s handle make all the difference in the world when you’re doing more of a “CrossFit” style of workouts.

Too many people get caught up in the old kettlebell vs dumbell debate, and while they both certainly have their place.. I think the biggest advantage that kettlebells have over dumbells is that you can’t buy dumbells cast in the image of one seriously intense chimp…

Onnit Nutrition has produced a limited run of these super cool 36 pound kettlebells.. Check ’em out –

Onnit Fit Primal Bells – Onnit Labs (1)

I’m really not sure why you would ever need this.. but I most definitely want one!

After all.. If you have to pay good money for hunks of heavy metal to workout with.. They might as well look cool too!

Onnit’s website says that supplies are limited, so if your anything like me and you just can’t help yourself.. Pop on over to and don’t miss out!

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