Paleo Friendly Protein Bars Are Making It Easier To Eat Healthy On The Go.


If you've ever been tempted to grab a protein bar to hod you over til your next meal.. You'll love what Onnit Nutrition Warrior bar. I say "tempted" because up until recently.. Depending on a pre-made "protein" bar was a mostly bad … [Continue reading]

The Mob Has Been Selling You Fake Olive Oil For Years.


That's right. The Mob has apparently made the transition from money laundering to selling all of us canola oil disguised as the far more healthier (and more valuable) option: olive oil. All these years we've purchasing the " healthy" cooking … [Continue reading]

Newest Whole Foods To Feature “Paleo Bar”


We've talked before about how Primal eating isn't just another fad diet.. Looks like Whole Foods agrees. Just last week, the health food supermarket giant announced on it's blog that it's newest Whole Foods store would indeed feature a "Paleo … [Continue reading]

To Fast, Or Not To Fast?


Even the some of the strictest Paleo practitioners choose not to incorporate fasting into their nutritional strategies.. But with intermittent fasting as an option, is this a mistake? Calorie restriction has gained traction as of late - In the … [Continue reading]

Meet Mother Nature’s Perfect Macronutrient Ratio.


If you've ever attempted to stick to a diet that required you to count each and every calorie consumed.. Then you may well know that it isn't the easiest thing to do. Fortunately... There is a better way. Unfortunately, this "better way" seems … [Continue reading]

The Truth About Diet Soda and Your Health.


Diet soda has been the saving grace for many thousands of dieters.. Desperate for just one sip of that sugary, syrupy, carbonated nectar that most all of us have known and loved at one point or another. The problem is, diet soda hasn't actually … [Continue reading]

Seeing This “Digital” Paleo Cookbook Everywhere.. Is It Worth it?


Often in the search for new and interesting foods to piece into our Paleo diets, it becomes difficult to find recipes the work worth said foods. Trust when I tell you that there are no shortage of cook books lining the shelves of the offices up … [Continue reading]