Paleo Trim? Watch Out: Here Come the “Paleo Marketers!”


I suppose it was just a matter of time until the marketers caught up with the trend.. "Paleo Trim" is a new diet pill aimed squarely at Paleo dieters. Although, it may be more appropriate to say it's aimed squarely at those who are new to the … [Continue reading]

The 5 Most “Liked” Paleo Diet Recipes on the Web!

paleo diet meal plan

I think it's safe to say that sometimes, we all get stuck in a "food rut"! Eating the same ( sometimes bland ) foods day in and day out can really be a downer. It seems most of tend to gravitate to basically the same foods due a number of reasons, … [Continue reading]

How The Paleo Diet Changed One Random Blogger’s Life

Like many of you.. I wake up some days and the last thing I want to do is worry about my food! So much time is spent learning, shopping, prepping, cooking, and eating that it can sometimes be an absolute burden.. I know you've thought that, and … [Continue reading]

Health Benefits and Other Uses of Coconut Oil

I’ve been on the Paleo diet for a long time now and I’ve noticed that coconut oil is the main source of calories in my diet. I can't help it.. I love the stuff. I find myself wondering if having as one of your main caloric sources is such a great … [Continue reading]

3 Flavor-Packed and Nutritious “Paleo Oils”

From the cardiovascular benefits to the healthier skin, hair, and nails.. Healthy dietary fats are vital to maintaining optimal health through diet. One of the questions that may arise for you in your Paleo diet journey is: What foods should be … [Continue reading]

10 Tips for The Budget Conscious Paleo Dieter.

Paleo Diet on a Budget

Hey, nobody ever said that eating healthy is cheap.. In fact, eating Paleo can get expensive real quick-like! Due to the prevalence of lesser quality foods in your local super market, all-natural, healthy foods are somewhat of a rarity. And … [Continue reading]

Introducing The World’s Most Bad @$$ KettleBell!

Onnit Fit Primal Bells – Onnit Labs (1)

With the rise of sports like CrossFit, and similar "functional strength" training routines.. Many are discovering the simplistic beauty that is the kettlebell. It's ability to be incorporated into a wider variety of exercise routines, makes it an … [Continue reading]