Seeing This “Digital” Paleo Cookbook Everywhere.. Is It Worth it?

Paleo-Diet-CookbookOften in the search for new and interesting foods to piece into our Paleo diets, it becomes difficult to find recipes the work worth said foods.

Trust when I tell you that there are no shortage of cook books lining the shelves of the offices up here… So it’s not that we don’t have the resources we need.. We do.. there just never around when I need them.

That’s when I decided that it may just be worth it have a portable digital version of a Paleo diet cookbook / recipe book. Maybe then I would actually use it to say.. I don’t know.. cook a variety of recipes. Rather than it sitting there collecting dust on the shelf like all of the others.

One I had been considering was the one titled simply: “Paleo Recipe Book” and is brought to you by PaleoDietLifestyle – Who was featured on our list of “7 Must-Follow Paleo Diet Blogs and Websites” a bit back.

Being a little skeptical of purchasing “digital” products, in general.. it was reassuring that this particular Paleo diet cookbook was coming from a source that had already provided me with valuable, quality information in the past.

So… I pulled the trigger.

The Paleo Recipes.

Okay.. This thing contains over 370 recipes! That’s a lot. Plenty, actually.

There’s also tons of variety here to choose from, as well.. Everything ranging from protein shake recipes, dessert recipes, “quick and easy” recipes, recipes for athletes – And everything in between.

There really is a lot of value here. Honestly, I was surprised.. guess I’m used to being able to pick up the book and flip through it to actually get a “feel” for what i’m getting.

Luckily, PaleoDietLifestyle provides a video that not only gives you a good visual of the recipes included, but also incorporates some of the benefits you can expect to see when actually following the Paleo diet, or caveman diet. Feel free to check out the vid here.

The recipes are laid in a very convenient format that was perfect for my iPad.. This made it ridiculously more convenient to use while I was cooking since I’m usually on my tablet while I’m preparing meals for the day anyways.

Another thing I thought really set this recipe book apart was the pictures that were included with the recipes. Lots of work went into this Paleo cookbook and you can see it in the details. That may not be the most important thing but it just makes the recipes all that much more appealing to use on a daily basis.

Below is the Paleo Morrocan Chicken dish that has been made probably 13 times since the purchase of the Paleo Recipe Book.



We eat lots of wild caught salmon around here, and while we try to eat fresh meats and fish as much as possible.. Sometimes wild caught canned salmon ends up on the menu out of pure necessity. Might as well make it delicious.. and while we’re certainly no strangers to making a salad with a can of salmon.. This cookbook really gave us lots of ideas to spice up the salmon salads that frequent our dinner plates so much.

We all know how important it is to get at least 1-3 servings of salmon a week in order to get our Omega-3 fats that we depend on. All of the different ideas we got specifically for salmon was one of our favorite parts of this Recipe book. Below is a glimpse of the canned Salmon salad recipe.


All in all – It’s definitely worth the $27 price tag.. Even if the recipes were the only thing included in the cookbook. But they’re not.. there’s more. Lots more.

The Paleo Meal Plan.

So.. one thing you want to make sure you pay attention to is the 8-week Paleo meal plan that comes along with the recipe book. Be sure top cancel that if you don’t want to be charged for it.. but personally, we thought it was one of the more under-rated features of the package.

We honestly didn’t even realize this was included but before it was all said and done, the 8 week meal came in very handy and certainly adds value to the deal. The Paleo cookbook, combined with the meal plan, and the Paleo food shopping list, are the perfect companions in your Primal quest to health and better living through optimal nutrition.

Here’s a little advice for the using the meal plan.. You don’t always have to follow exactly. Use it more as a guide, using the Paleo food list to fill in the meals in the meal plan that may not work for you. For whatever reason. With that strategy.. making the transition into the Paleo diet is all just a couple of swipes away on your tablet or smart phone. Pretty sweet.


So.. Is it worth it?

In a word? Definitely.

We always make sure to only recommend products that are actually “worth their salt”. If it wasn’t worth it.. or worse – was completely useless.. We’d tell you.

With over 370 quick, easy, delicious Paleo diet recipes to choose from.. How could that not be helpful?

And the price? PaleoDietLifestyle charges 27 bucks for the whole package. I think that’s more than a fair price for all that you get.. Over 370 Paleo recipes, The 8 week meal plan, the convenience of having it all instantly accessible on your phone or tablet.. 27 bucks is a steal for all that. I’ve paid double that for some of the cookbooks sitting on my shelf collecting dust right now.

So.. if you’re interested in getting a copy of the Paleo Diet Recipe book.. I wouldn’t hesitate to “pull the trigger”. Lots of helpful, valuable, and beneficial information to be had.

Not to mention.. PaleoDietLifeStyle offers a full 100% refund policy so if you get it and feel like it’s not for you.. No worries, you can easily get your money back. You’re dealing with a reputable source.

So don’t miss out on all this Cookbook and Meal Plan have to offer..

You can watch the video or check out more of the recipes HERE.

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