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Don’t worry.. Soon enough, you won’t even need a “cheat sheet”.. eating Paleo is pretty simple after you learn the basics, but until then, use this list as your guide.

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How paleoIQ can help..

First things first..

If you haven’t read the 7 easy Paleo Diet rules, it’s a good basic primer to help you get a grasp on the Paleo diet principals.

After you’ve read that..

Use the food list, to help you get a better understanding of the Paleo diet foods. One of the goals of PaleoIQ is to make this diet more accessible to a broader range of people, and that’s why we strive to do things a bit differently.. Other Paleo diet lists only provide a long list foods of lean meats, vegetables, and fruits..

We understand that, for some people, a little more “guidance” would be appreciated.. That’s why we’ve included very basic “starter tips”, nutritional facts, and other helpful resources in the food list.. You could say it’s more of an introductory guide to the Paleo diet.

We split all of the Paleo foods into categories that fit into our meal plan system, while giving you quick food facts and diet tips. With this guide… you get something that can actually help you get started.

There are five basic categories used in the PaleoIQ Paleo diet food list:

  1. Meats / Lean Proteins
  2. Fruits & Vegetables / Carbs
  3. Nuts and Oils / Healthy Fats
  4. Paleo Diet Supplements
  5. Foods To Avoid

It’s all about giving you the quick access to the information you need to help you get started living the Paleo lifestyle as easy as possible.

When you’re getting started, don’t stress over the details, just try to slowly add in foods from the list that you already like and eat, then using the methods you get from the paleoIQ newsletter, start cutting some of the “crap” from your diet.

No need to start counting calories or anything like that just yet.. That’s the reason most people fail at their diets, they try to do too much all at once. Let’s just keep things simple for now.

So take it easy on yourself.. Changing all of your food habits is a big deal, and is going to take a little time and patience.. This Paleo Diet Food List PDF is a great way to get the ball rolling, then we’ll gradually go further down the Paleo path.

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