Paleo Trim? Watch Out: Here Come the “Paleo Marketers!”

paleotrimI suppose it was just a matter of time until the marketers caught up with the trend..

“Paleo Trim” is a new diet pill aimed squarely at Paleo dieters. Although, it may be more appropriate to say it’s aimed squarely at those who are new to the Paleo lifestyle,  and maybe aren’t quite certain what it’s all about yet.. There’s more of those people than ever.

In other words, it’s marketed to those that may not yet realize that diet pills are the last thing any true Paleo dieter would need.

After all – I’m fairly certain cavemen didn’t rely on diet pills to maintain their “girlish” figures.. Unless maybe.. they discovered the Coca plant?

That’s not to say that modern nutritional supplements are useless simply because cavemen didn’t take them.. We’re not Paleo purists.  That’s just silly.

On the other hand.. to attach the name “Paleo” to a diet product implies that it somehow fits within the nutritional guidelines of Primal eating. Thing is, technically, it kinda does. All natural ingredients make it completely legit I suppose…

And herein lies the problem.

Blurry Lines

The whole point of marketing a product is to make it fit into a specific demographic of people.. sometimes by “blurring the lines” in terms of how that product works, and fits the customer’s needs.

By leveraging the “natural ingredients” this product claims to have – It has done just that. That’s good marketing.

No doubt, many would be Paleo dieters will try Paleo Trim while following some abbreviated and misguided version of the diet because that’s what diet pills do.. They act as crutches and excuses for failure. They act as distractions. If the desired goals aren’t met then it must have simply been because the diet pill “didn’t work”… On to the next bottle – and the failure cycle continues and becomes habit.

Many times people will spend far more time researching and thinking about diet pills than food and nutrition. Forrest for the trees.

To be fair, we’re not saying that Paleo Trim is a bad product as far as diet pills go.. We’re saying that if you really want to experience the benefits that eating the foods that are aligned with your biology can provide, then steer clear of diet pills. They’re just not necessary, nor are they very healthy for long term use.

The Paleo diet is a very practical way to live and eat – None of that starving yourself so much you need diet pills just to make sure you don’t scarf down three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in the middle of the night stuff!

If you’re using and relying on stimulant based dietary products ( most diet products are stimulant based ) then you’re preventing yourself from learning how to optimally supply your body with the nutrients it needs. You’re also removing a very important element from the Paleo diet itself.

A crucial part of the Paleo diet is relearning to listen to your hunger impulses. All those years of eating empty but filling processed carbohydrates, has left most people with uncontrollable dietary habits and urges to eat.. When you remove those types of foods from your diet, you will no longer feel the need for those midnight PB&J sandwiches.

Think about it for a second… Have you ever felt the urge to overeat on steak and vegetables? I mean, you might eat until your too full sometimes, but again.. that can mostly be attributed to your “out of whack” appetite. Point is – You’re far less likely to overeat when you’re not eating junk food.

The Paleo diet is a long term lifestyle, and the last thing you want to do is habitually take a diet pill in order to maintain whatever results you received from it in the first place. So.. No matter how “natural” the ingredients in Paleo Trim may be.. it doesn’t really have a place in the Paleo diet. And it certainly shouldn’t qualify to be able include the moniker in the brand name.. Paleo Trim.

DietingMindsetShift of Mindset

Anyone considering taking Paleo Trim, or even a similar product ( they’re all the same caffeine based pills in different packaging ) should really consider forgetting all about “losing weight” , and instead – Cultivate a mind set of “getting healthy”.  Then you’ll really start to see the benefits of a healthy diet and lifestyle – and on a long term basis.

You don’t need diet pills for that.

You’ll also find that when you learn to build habits that are geared towards getting healthy, you’ll lose weight almost without effort. Things like low hormone levels and a multitude of other variables are directly related to being healthy, and eating nutrient rich foods,  while simultaneously playing a huge role in your body fat levels.

Having a get healthy mind set, rather than a get skinnier mind set, will pay off big in the long term… and result in both: getting thinner and healthier. If your looking for shortcuts.. go ahead and buy the diet pills, and while your at it: Hit up Dr. Oz’s site so he can guide you to losing 10 pounds in a week.

There simply are no short cuts.

There are no secret berries that have been recently discovered deep in the Amazon that will magically change the fact that most people need to completely overhaul the way in which they think about diet and nutrition.


PaleoChoice This Hints to a Bigger Problem

As the Paleo diet gains more and more mainstream attention, it will also become more and more profitable to market directly at the Paleo demographic.

Who knows what clever ways corporate marketing will come up with in order to cash in on the Primal eating revolution. All that’s really known, is that they will cash in on it.

On the surface, that doesn’t seem as though it would be a bad thing, right? Perhaps getting Paleo frozen dinners in the freezers of millions Americans would be a good thing?


More exposure and recognition for the Paleo diet is the goal, after all, right?

The problem with commercializing the Paleo diet is that by it’s very nature, the Paleo diet calls for eating as many non-commercialized foods as possible.. Not too difficult to see the confliction in that.

Don’t worry though, that won’t stop the onslaught of “Paleo Approved” products that are sure to hit your local grocery aisle any day now..

Hopefully, some of them will be quality products making it more convenient for you to meet your nutrition needs while reaping the benefits of living the Primal / Paleo  lifestyle.

But inevitably, there will be scores of other products that will be the exact opposite: Low quality, denatured, GMO, chemically laced foods that just so happen to have the right “buy words” printed on the packaging.

Now or Never

As you make your way into this lifestyle of eating and living in accordance with common-sense, healthy dietary principles – You’re sure to see the handiwork of the “Paleo marketers” that smelled the blood in the waters – That see the opportunity that the emergence of the Paleo diet presents..

Opportunity indeed.

Not only is this going to be a huge opportunity for companies to latch on to the Primal “trend”, but it’s also a huge opportunity for us as a society to beat the corporate marketing giants at their own game.

No small task..

Luckily, we have the internet. Never before in history has the playing field been so leveled. In the past.. whole ideologies were built due to mass media advertising having complete control of the messaging.  Nowadays that’s far from the case.. The message… any message is now open-source.

We’re still in the initial phases of this shift in consumer power..  and it’s an opportunity to push the internet to it’s maximum potential, and use it to control the message of the Paleo diet… to make sure that the message isn’t controlled and shaped by those who have vested interests.

People are hungry for change.. That’s been proven.

What most don’t realize is just how many of those changes could be made by themselves. In their own homes.. Within their own health.. Simply by changing the foods they eat.  Where it all begins, and ends.

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