Can Damage Done By Years of Destructive Eating Habits Be Repaired?


Have you ever just felt unhealthy?

Most of us have.

Even the most dedicated health nuts among knows that next morning feeling, after a night where you didn’t just fall off the healthy eating train.. You completely derailed it.

One night is one thing.. but the truth is, many of us go through weeks, months, and even years of giving in to these self destructive eating habits.

One, at some point, must start to consider the damage that has been done at a fundamental cellular level – and whether or not it can be undone.

Feeding our bodies some twisted mixture of a diet that includes everything from a vast array of modern day chemicals and preservatives, to a variety of genetically “enhanced” foods, and malnourished animal meats, will inevitably take it’s toll on the biological make-up of your human body and it’s ability to function.

It’s really only a matter of when. [Read more…]

Just Released: Another Video You Really Should See…

Carbs Are Bad M'kay?As time goes on, science produces more and more evidence supporting the foundational principles of the Paleo diet: eat less carbs, and eat more fat.

Sounds oh so simple – but as we all likely know, isn’t quite so east to accomplish..

But as it becomes increasingly evident the type of damage we may be doing to ourselves by indulging in these high-carb lifestyles, it’s important that we consider all relevant and recent information that will help us all understand the situation a bit better.  [Read more…]

To Fast, Or Not To Fast?

Fastingimage Even the some of the strictest Paleo practitioners choose not to incorporate fasting into their nutritional strategies..

But with intermittent fasting as an option, is this a mistake?

Calorie restriction has gained traction as of late – In the pursuit of the ever elusive fountain of youth.. Anti-aging groups report that calorie restriction extends life span.. and while they do make a solid case for calorie restriction, and have scientific proof to back up these claims..

We think that is simply taking things to the extreme… and as always, there’s a smarter way.

A growing segment of people are starting to learn of the benefits of intermittent fasting..

Particularly, the health benefits associated with being in a fasted state.. Things like improved hormone production, longevity, and mental clarity.

Below we’ll discuss not only the potential health benefits of fasting, but also evolutionary evidence that suggests that the practice fasting may indeed be interwoven into our biology in unavoidable ways.

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Meet Mother Nature’s Perfect Macronutrient Ratio.

MacronutrientCellStructureIf you’ve ever attempted to stick to a diet that required you to count each and every calorie consumed..

Then you may well know that it isn’t the easiest thing to do. Fortunately… There is a better way.

Unfortunately, this “better way” seems to be basically over-looked anytime the Paleo diet, or nutrition in general, is brought up for discussion.

Knowing how to “piece together” meals in order for them to have optimal macronutrient ratios, is a foundational component to evolutionary nutrition.

As more and more people come around to realizing that the way in which they’ve been eating has set them up for a myriad of potential health related problems down the road, it’s important that they don’t jump out of the frying pan… only to land in another, even hotter, frying pan.

And such is the case for many that have been searching for the diet that will actually provide them with the life-changing results that they want..

When expanding your understanding of food and it’s affects on your health.. Having a solid grasp on macronutrients is absolutely essential in order to see the big picture.. Continued nutritional education is the other critical component of the Paleo movement that sometimes gets over looked.

Below, we’ll not only discuss how to make sure your macronutrient game is right, we’ll also talk a bit about why proper macronutrient ratios are so important.


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The Truth About Diet Soda and Your Health.

DietSodaDiet soda has been the saving grace for many thousands of dieters..

Desperate for just one sip of that sugary, syrupy, carbonated nectar that most all of us have known and loved at one point or another.

The problem is, diet soda hasn’t actually been the “saving grace” so many thought it was..

In fact, It would be more appropriate to label it a crutch, a justification, a “success”, a distraction..

But what the marketing of diet soda has really done was divert a massive amount of people’s energies – that would’ve otherwise been used to make changes that were actually worthwhile.

If it seems like a bit of a stretch to say that a “massive ” amount of human energy has been wasted directly as the result of diet soda.. Well, I suppose I could see that point.

Just bear with me for a minute.. Consider that many, many thousands of people drink soda on daily and consistent basis.. I’ve personally known people that literally drank Dr. Pepper as if [Read more…]

Introducing The World’s Most Bad @$$ KettleBell!

With the rise of sports like CrossFit, and similar “functional strength” training routines.. Many are discovering the simplistic beauty that is the kettlebell. It’s ability to be incorporated into a wider variety of exercise routines, makes it an ideal for training routines that border on being sports in and of themselves.

While it may not seem like it – The shape and positioning of the kettlebell’s handle make all the difference in the world when you’re doing more of a “CrossFit” style of workouts.

Too many people get caught up in the old kettlebell vs dumbell debate, and while they both certainly have their place.. I think the biggest advantage that kettlebells have over dumbells is that you can’t buy dumbells cast in the image of one seriously intense chimp… [Read more…]

“The Top Ten Paleo Super Foods!”

paleo diet super foodsNot all foods are created equal..

Certain foods have proven themselves to be superior sources of nutrition.

Whether it’s because they’re packed full of disease fighting antioxidants –

Or because they supply a rich source of brain-boosting, joint-lubricating Omega-3 fats..

Either way, these foods are nature’s “all stars” and should be treated as such – always on the plate. [Read more…]