Can Damage Done By Years of Destructive Eating Habits Be Repaired?


Have you ever just felt unhealthy?

Most of us have.

Even the most dedicated health nuts among knows that next morning feeling, after a night where you didn’t just fall off the healthy eating train.. You completely derailed it.

One night is one thing.. but the truth is, many of us go through weeks, months, and even years of giving in to these self destructive eating habits.

One, at some point, must start to consider the damage that has been done at a fundamental cellular level – and whether or not it can be undone.

Feeding our bodies some twisted mixture of a diet that includes everything from a vast array of modern day chemicals and preservatives, to a variety of genetically “enhanced” foods, and malnourished animal meats, will inevitably take it’s toll on the biological make-up of your human body and it’s ability to function.

It’s really only a matter of when.

Everybody Wants The Fountain of Youth.

This is obviously not a new concept that we’re talking about here.

There’s an important distinction to make before one writes off the potential power of food to ward off the ever dreaded aging process.

We’re asking if the damage of the aging process, that is without doubt influenced by our diet choices, can be repaired.. We’re not asking if it can be reversed. Not trying to turn back the clock and trick mother nature here.

We’re only trying to get back to baseline, and modern science is revealing that we may have far more control over the inner workings of our biology than many had previously assumed. For some reason, we just don’t think in those terms.

If we get a cut on our finger, we understand and expect it to repair itself back to it’s baseline, and act accordingly. But if we learn that we have a stomach ulcer, that same kind of mind set usually just isn’t quite there in the same frame.

Who knows why. Perhaps we simply weren’t marketed the right products or exposed to the proper commercials as we grew up. Either way.. it’s a mindset shift that I’ve personally seen empower people in dramatic ways.

Once you start to aknowledge your ability to control the outcome of your inner health, just as you would understand how to avoid cutting your finger, then you’ll find that you’ll be more inclined and motivated to properly nourish your inner body as it needs to be to maintain it’s health.

Let’s Keep This In Perspective

We are in no way talking about magically curing any illness or making you look young forever.. That’s bordering the lines of cell regeneration – which is the aim of stem cell therapy and related scientific pursuits.

We’re simply talking about restoring your health. Lowering your blood pressure, alleviating liver disease, reversing diabetes, slowing the onset of arthritis, and other highly inconvenient ailments we all could face one day. The answer is a very resounding yes.

Our ability to affect change within our own biological make-up gets greater as our collective understanding of our bodies ability to adapt grows. Science is revealing more and more insights all of the time about how much biological change can occur within our own bodies in reaction to external and/or self imposed stimuli.

So.. It it’s essence, this is about a shift in mindset. Just like the Paleo diet, in general. It’s important that we start to think in terms of what our inner bodies “are hungry for” when we’re choosing our foods. Paleo, or otherwise.


There’s a great TED talk on the effects of food and life span that will leave little doubt in your mind as to the importance of food and diet and the quality of your health.

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