How to use the Paleo Blueprint to “stick” to your diet, and get fast results.

perfect diet

Ever started a diet, then quit two weeks in?

Most of us have, for one reason or another.

I’ll show you how to change that..

Interestingly, the reason for failure is usually the same for all of us, and it’s deceptively simple..

We simply failed to develop habits.

In order to succeed in anything, you’ll need a good plan. In dieting, that plan is the diet.

Problem is, too many people are starting with bad plans.

Effectively building dietary habits slowly over time, is the smart way to develop your perfect diet.

But it doesn’t happen overnight..

How most diets set you up for failure..

I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve seen someone “gear up” to start a diet, but never quite make it. All effort spent in preparation, rather than just taking the first step.A well thought out diet program can be great, but many times, people get stuck in the preparation phase, or quit all together, simply because the diet they were following wasn’t designed to mold their habits, good and bad.Recent studies (link to post on self control) show that humans have very finite amounts of self control, and when it’s gone.. it’s gone.It’s no different than running out of gas in a car, when you’re self control tank is on empty, you’re at a serious disadvantage.What does this have to do with having the perfect diet? Frankly, everything. The problem with many diets is they change too many things, too soon. Unfortunately, this is usually a recipe for failure.

The key is to take small, actionable steps and turn them into habits.

The first month or so, the main goal should be habit building through consistency. No counting calories, weighing chicken breasts, no worrying about if your shopping list is complete, all that’s useless unless you habitualize your new dietary goals. If you’ve already read and put into action our Three Weeks of Elimination post, then you’ve already got the ball rolling on some negative habit reversals, and now’s the time to start putting some positive ones into motion. It’s time to start building the framework for your dietary habits. Over time, you’ll build multiple dietary habits on this framework, until you reache your “goal diet”.

In order to develop this dietary “habit foundation”, you need to do a few key things..

  1. Keep it simple, do everything possible to keep food preparations at a minimum.
  2. Don’t bother counting calories, or stressing the details, the goal in this stage is to simply stick to a routine.
  3. All prepared food to be done in bi-weekly batches.

Following these basic guidelines will help you develop stronger dietary habits, and be less tempted the next time you drive by your favorite fast food joint.To make it easy for you to visualize the six simple meal plan to a perfect diet, we’ve put together this here fancy “infoodgraphic”. This will serve to outline a basic daily nutritional guide designed to get you comfortable with a structured and timed nutritional plan.

Paleo Diet Infoodgraphic

Now it’s your turn. What are some of the “diet tricks” you use to make the transition easier? Basically, anything that makes your life simpler, and your diet easier, is worth sharing, so lets hear it..

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