The Caveman Diet

The Paleo diet plan is also commonly referred to as the Caveman diet. Don’t let the two separate names confuse you though, the two are one in the same. They’re just two separate monikers for the same style of eating and living. I’d like to introduce the idea of a modified Paleo diet lifestyle using the caveman diet as reasoning for eating a small amount of carbohydrates that are normally forbidden by Paleo purists.

As a former Paleo purist myself, I can assure you the point of this article is not to challenge those who follow the Paleo principles to a strict standard. I strongly believe in the normal anti-carbohydrate sentiment of the Paleo diet. It has helped me battle oncoming arthritis, high cholesterol, and also given me a leaner and stronger physique. But for the purist reading this, stick with me for a minute and allow me to pose a slightly different Paleo diet solution.

Would a caveman have eaten oatmeal in his diet if it was available to him?

This idea may seem silly at first, but if you really think about it.. There’s no doubt that your average caveman would have been delighted to wake up on Sunday morning to a hot bowl of cinnamon and brown sugar oats. The question is would it have done him any harm? Is the presence of any of these somewhat processed carbohydrate foods an inflammation catalyst to the point of being a detriment to his prehistoric health? Or is it the over abundance of “dirty” carbs in the modern diet to blame for the rising chronic illnesses seen in our society?

I propose that it is. I propose that a controlled carbohydrate intake is not only not going to hurt your Paleo dieting efforts, but will actually aid your efforts. During times of physical exertion certain carbohydrates that many have sworn off are the most efficient means of providing your body with the energy source it craves and needs. But don’t go running for those honey nut Cheerios just yet, it’s important to only use these foods for times directly before and after strenuous exercise, and only in moderation. Eating them any other time, is directly contributing to the insulin induced inflammation that you need to avoid. It’s also important to avoid “dirty” carbs at all costs, and I’m sorry, but Cheerios definitely qualify as a forbidden food source. Timing and quality is key if you choose to eat these foods.

A true caveman diet is more about quality than anything else.

A key component of eating Paleo style, that many over look, is the effort to avoid eating chemically enhanced and compromised nutrition sources. That is one of the sole advantages to the philosophy of eating like are ancient ancestors. They didn’t need to worry about what kind of chemicals are hidden in the ingredient labels of the foods they consumed. From genetically modified foods, artificial sweeteners, and chemicals added to municipal water supplies.. the average American is inundated with a barrage of contaminants that find their way into your diet, and ultimately, into your body.

If you really want to get the benefits the Paleo diet lifestyle can provide, it’s more important to keep your diet as clean as possible rather than avoiding certain carbohydrates at all costs. Let me remind you though, these foods should be consumed in very low quantities compared to what the average modern diet contains. Use them only to fuel hard workouts, and always stay away from very processed, sugary carbohydrates such as candy, soda, most cereals, etc.

PaleoIQ has a diet plan for the Paleo purists and moderate carb eaters.

The paleoIQ diet meal plan is designed to be flexible enough to cater to both crowds. If you believe that eating any oats and grains at all has a negative dietary impact, and you would like to avoid them completely, we have you covered. But if you can subscribe to the idea that high quality oats and grains would’ve been a valuable energy source for a hungry caveman, and thus are a valuable source for your modern energy needs, our flexible paleoIQ caveman diet plan will help guide you in choosing the right foods for the job, and make sure you eat them only when you need them. If you’d like to learn more about the paleoIQ’s diet meal plan food choices, check out our Paleo diet food list for specific foods that are approved and foods that are off limits.