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Animated vitamins pictureMost likely, you’re all too familiar with the process of blindly spending $100 at your local nutritional and supplement store, and a month or two later.. seeing or feeling absolutely no difference at all.

If you’ve somehow escaped this highly marketed trap that Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars on every year… congratulations. Perhaps you can be convinced to step into the all too confusing world nutritional supplements now.

Between the clever marketing slogans, the pushy salespeople, and the five syllable medical jargon.. supplementation definitely gets confusing.

Hopefully, this list will make things a bit easier!.. But first, there are a couple of points that need to made..

Getting Nutrients From Natural, Whole Food Sources

If you’ve been in the Paleo game for any length of time, you’ve probably heard someone say that they don’t take supplements or vitamins because they “prefer to get all of their nutrients from food sources”.
Seems like a logical statement, and intelligent approach.. and for the most part, it is.

Ideally, one would get 100% of the nutrients they need via the foods they eat on a day to day basis. Nutrients found in food are usually more bioavailable and thus superior than their synthetic pill shaped counterparts.

The problem is that in our modern society such a task becomes entirely too difficult to achieve on a consistent basis. I won’t use the word impossible, but it sure does seem that way.

From the soils our foods are grown in being almost completely depleted of nitrogen, to the grain diets that are fed to our meat sources, and the food storage and shipping methods that further degrade and breakdown the precious nutrients in the foods we eat.. Food simply isn’t what it used to be.

Especially if you’re comparing it to food from the pre-agricultural, paleolithic era.

Now that we’ve gotten that out there.. let’s move on to one more obstacle that stands in the way between you and your nutritional nirvana..

What About Multivitamins?

The all mighty multivitamin, while it may seem a logical solution to supplementation, has some serious shortcomings.

For one, you don’t actually absorb anything in the pill. The fillers and other additives render that horse sized pill pretty much useless. We could end the argument against multivitamins there but not only do you not absorb what’s in the pill.. you probably wouldn’t want to even if you did.

Synthetic nutrients and vitamins coming in varying degrees of quality very much in the same manner that food does. Just as much as there is a massive difference in the amount of quality nutrition your body can obtain from a piece of grass fed beef compared to grain and corn fed beef… ¬†different brands/formulas/forms of synthetic nutrients and supplements also vary greatly in what they actually deliver the body. Most manufacturers take short cuts in the quality of ingredients that are put into multivitamins.

Whatever amount of money you’re allocating to the use of multivitamins for you and your family, would undoubtedly be put to much better use by purchasing individual, higher quality supplements. While the supplementation regimen outlined below will generally cost a bit more than what most are spending on their multivitamins, even if you just purchased a few of the products below, you’d be much better off.

10 Essential Nutritional Supplements.

There’s endless information about the benefits of the following supplements. We tried to focus on the absolute essentials.. The vitamins and nutrients that can help you build and maintain healthy hormone levels, alleviate stress, get better sleep, rev up your metabolism, and even prevent cancer.

For the sake of simplicity, we chose products that provide the recommended daily dose simply by following the instructions on the label (with the exception of vitamin D, which we will provide a simple formula to dtermine how much of it to take daily).


Vitamin D


Vitamin K2

Vitamin C


Krill Oil

Vitamin A





$100 A Month

After running the numbers, that’s about what it will cost you to use these recommended supplements.. If you ask us, that’s an absolute bargain. The benefits are just too great. You will literally feel better and be a healthier, happier person because of it.

You would spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars trying to get this type of nutrient supply through food alone. Research and technology is at a point that not only are all of these powerful and beneficial supplements been made available to the average person.. but more importantly, it’s also provided us with the information that grants the knowledge of what to actually do with these supplements once we have them.

Blindly taking any kind of supplements, even if it seems like just a harmless vitamin can often do more damage than good.

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