“Food Ingredients”… Shouldn’t be such a scary thought, should it?

Ever wonder what’s really in the food you eat, and how it affects your health, and the health of the people (and pets!) you love?

I’m not just talking about BigMacs and french fries here… I’m talking about the stuff you think is healthy?

You know, the stuff you buy when you’re trying to lose a few pounds, or around New Years, or before a wedding? Sound familiar?

It sure does to me, and countless others who fall into the same dietary traps over and over again.

You see, the ingredients in the food we eat, not only affect our health, but they also affect fitness goals.

Whether those goals are to lose weight and gain muscle, it’s important the we know more about the food we eat than the fact that it has 35 grams of carbs and 25 grams of protein. In fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Many people just assume that if they buy turkey lunch meat instead of the ham lunch meat, that they’re eating healthy and, as much as I wish it was.. it’s just not that simple. That’s why one of the main focuses of the Paleo Diet, and of this site.. is the quality of the foods we eat. Paleo diet.


Is the Paleo Diet right for you?

Did you know that  80% of Americans say they believe they’re in control of what they eat? Yet 80% of Americans are also overweight? How can that be? It can’t.. obviously, one of those numbers isn’t accurate. Can you guess which one? That’s right, people are not in control of what the eat. How could they be? How can you be in control of something you know nothing about? The truth is, if you ever want to really succeed in your health and fitness goals, then you need to increase your food IQ! It’s that simple. There’s this little saying to help put things in perspective..

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but he will interest his patein in the care of human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.  Thomas Edison

“You’re not what you eat, you’re what you eat has eaten”… Do you know what you eat has eaten? Does it even matter? I can tell you that it very much matters what your foods have consumed before you consumed them. And that’s where the Paleo diet really shines.. because it’s not just about what kinds of foods you’ve eaten, with the Paleo diet, it’s about the quality of those foods. When you start eating the way nature intended.. magical things start to happen.

Welcome to paleoIQ.com. A site dedicated to educating you about the Paleo diet principles and the power of food. A site dedicated to providing you with dietary information you need to live a healthier, happier life. So keep reading and be prepared to raise your Paleo food IQ.. and never look at food, dieting, or medicine the same way again..Paleo diet.

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